Steel Detailing
Steel detailing and shop drawings are the backbone of fabrication industry. The quality of these drawings determines the success or failure of the project right through the complete project phase .

We have the expertise, industry standard structural steel detailing softwares, systems and procedures to produce 3D models & detailed drawings with highest integrity and quality for our clients.
We understand individual client’s manufacturing & erection systems and procedures and customise the drawings, materials, hardware, roof and wall panels etc to minimise costs and improve time lines. All our detail drawings come with a CNC link for automated cutting and drilling.
Our steel detailers collaborate with steel designers and produce the following steel details and drawings.
  Conceptual drawings
  Pre-design detailing
  3D modelling
  Shop drawings
  Anchor bolt plan
  Column connection to foundation with base plate details
  Joint and connection details - Welded, Riveted or Bolted for special moment resisting or ordinary moment resisting frames
  Structural layouts with decking plans
  Roof Truss and Joist details
  Floor and Roof Framing Plan with detail sections
  Composite member plan and details
  Staircase detailing
  Erection drawing
The following documents and details shall be provided for a completed project
  Drawing Register
  All computerised drawings
  Computerised connection design
  Material summary with steel drawings
  Cutting List
  Field & Shop Bolt Summary
  Steel member Detail Drawings - for columns, beams and bracings with location of bolt holes and connecting members
  Field Bolt Location List
  DSTV Files for Cutting & Drilling
  DXF Files for Plate work
  Field Bolt Lists
  Bill of Material
  Customized reports as per client’s standards and specifications
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