Clients Profile
Maintaining Confidentiality with Clients:Our ability to provide fast and efficient back end services for steel design and detailing has won us many prestigious clients. We maintain utmost confidentiality with our clients and does not reveal the names, details and the nature of our relationship with them if the client so desires.  Our clients include;
We work with leading Architects and have provided innovative solutions to realise their vision of producing architectural marvels out of steel. All our Architect clients have repeatedly come back to us with more and more challenging assignments for designing and detailing of steel structures.
Project Designers

We work with several Project Designers and use our extensive experience to consider and calculate various construction options and provide Pre-Design details, so that the approximate weight and cost estimate of the structure is known at an early stage of the project.

Structural Designers
We have been working with other engineering and structural consultants by providing Joint Connection Design and Shop Details when the main structural frames are designed by them.
Steel Detailers
We have several steel detailers as our clients to whom we provide Structural Design calculations and review, joint and connection design who, then carryout the final detailing for the end customers.
Steel Construction Industry
For contractors, manufactures and exporters we provide complete Structural Package starting with Pre-Design & Quote Design at the bidding stage to quote accurately and win more business.
For steel fabricators we provide conventional steel detailing to follow clients sequencing in order to satisfy shop and site schedule requirements.
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