BestGrid provide a complete menu of services for our clients from the earliest planning stages right through the final project closure. Our services to our clients can be outlined as follows:
Pre – Design
We provide Pre-Design details to Project Designers & Architects to develop a structural concept that integrates the architectural, aesthetic and functional requirements with the most appropriate structural system. We provide the project team with adequate structural information to allow the team to collectively formulate a structural approach that is best suited for the project. This approach will also minimize or delete steel detailing lead-time.

Bid Design
We provide an accurate preliminary design along with tentative component lists and preliminary drawings enabling contractors and fabricators get a leading edge in winning the project. We are committed to limit the variation in material quantity as low as (+/-) 2%

Approval Design
We provide technically sound design data with utmost accuracy and time frame along with approval drawings as per the final data provided by our customer. The approval drawings will form the basis for final design and detailing of the project. The drawing approval by the client/Architect/consultant will ensure complete synchronisation with various agencies and avoid costly rework at fabrication and erection stage.

Detailed Design
Once the drawings are approved by the Client/Architect/Consultant, we carryout the detailed structural analysis, review and design. The design and drawings are prepared according to relevant Codes & Standards applicable to the project.

Fabrication Drawings
At the project stage,  we provide complete structural package consisting of structural design calculations and review, primary and secondary steel sizing, joint and connection design, framing plates, steel detailing, shop drawings and nesting plans, shop fabrication drawings, BOM, anchor bolt setting plan & details, embedded material plan and details, erection drawings, CNC files for shop fabrication machinery & co-ordination with other trades.

We provide shop drawings with unmatched quality and standards. We can customise the output to suite the individual steel fabricators’ systems, standards, process, procedures and shop preferences, so that the project will run through the shop smoothly and effortlessly.

Erection Drawings
Our presentation of erection drawing will simplify the task of erection at the project site as we use simplified identification marks for the various components. We can adapt to the part mark standards adopted by our customers.

Verification of erected projects against the actual design
We are committed to make sure the adequacy and safety of the erected project by physically verifying the erected project against the design if the client so desires.

Study of existing structure
We can evaluate existing structure for the purpose of expansion, modification, addition of new loads, etc. and provide comprehensive report to submit to competent authorities.

Vetting design done by a third party
We can verify the adequacy, authenticity and accuracy of structural designs carried out by any third parties and provide report to our customers.

Risk Assessment
We also provide risk assessment services including the preparation of Structural Due Diligence evaluations and PML (Probable Maximum Loss) reports.

Disaster Assessment
Our engineers have ability and expertise to analyse the structures damaged due to disasters like earthquake, wind, fire flooding etc. and prepare technical reports on the behalf of clients seeking to satisfy insurance companies. We can provide solutions for repair and rehabilitation of those structures.

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