Steel Design
Structural Analysis and design
The structural analysis is based in large part, on immutable physical laws and will determine volume limits, as well as linear and surface strengths and weaknesses of each structural element, their placement, and connections between them including the strength of columns, walls, connectors, beams, braces, and roofs.

We provide a wide range of steel structure analysis and design services. Our steel structure analysis and detailing software with our stringent quality assurance and control program compliment our full design services commitment.

Our methodology is well defined and totally process oriented to ensure precise, accurate, high quality steel design and detailing services on time.

In addition to structural calculations, we are capable of providing full service structural plans or red-marked drawings.
We evaluated buildings for life safety in accordance with state of the art seismic standards. Our capabilities include the use of powerful analysis programs and a thorough knowledge of national & international codes and standards to analyse and design structure with special attention to;
  Support bearings and substructure in general
  Evaluating problems of heat, earthquake or wind (vortex shedding, galloping, divergence, flutter)
  Problems with corrosion
  Joints, welding, fatigue strength
  Ventilation of building
  Day lighting
  Providing optimum number of columns
  Providing precise assembly sequence
  Local design practice.
We provide complete structural package for building and non-building structures. This involves detailing of columns, beams steel staircases, plates, bar joists, stack, decking/grating, connection design, bolted joints design etc. We have designed steel structures for several applications such as;
  Industrial structures
  Residential Buildings & Villas
  Commercial Buildings
  Office buildings
  Floor systems/Mezzanines
  Shopping Malls
  Multilevel parking structures
  Bus shelters
  Sports Arenas
  Technical structures
  Petrochemical structures
Our designers can address specific issues and design special structures such as;
  Multi story structural optimization
  Composite members
  Earthquake and wind resistant structures
  Floor vibrations
  Blast resistant structures
  Lightweight structures
  Petrochemical structures
Steel Connection Design
We systematically study joints of all of our projects and carry out precise calculations in order to evaluate the resistance and the rigidity of connections.
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